Product Design and Technology Studio


Product Design and Technology Studio
Product Design and Technology Studio


2020 Graduates from Design Factors

Congratulations to Dr Aidan O'Sullivan, Dr Tjasa Kermavna, and Dr Linda Shore who have graduated with their PhDs at the January 2020 UL Conferring. From their friends in Design Factors.

2018 Graduates from Design Factors

Congratulations to both Dr Kirsten Huysamen and Dr Louise Kiernan, who have graduated with their PhDs at the January 2018 UL Conferrings. From their friends in Design Factors and the School of Design.

Real World Studio

6 week sponsored industry collaborations – with the aim of exploring and making sense of multiple diverse and challenging 'real world' design briefs.

Product Design & Technology

PDT is the largest Product Design undergraduate program in the country. It provides the foundation for much of the research originating from the Design Factors group.

ITERATIONS - design research and practice review

ITERATIONS provides a platform for the dissemination of Irish Design Research and Practice both in Ireland and internationally.

3D Print @UL

Design Factors' Additive Manufacturing team at the University of Limerick offers 3D Printing services to both research bodies and to industry.

Increasing the entrepreneurial success of Design school spin-outs

This research attempts to study spin-offs from design schools to determine the philosophies, methodologies and strategies employed in the pursuit of business success.

The Gray Legacy Project

The Gray Legacy Projects aims to help shape a future where barriers to access into Product/Industrial Design are dismantled and gender takes a secondary role to merit, ability and creativity.


The goal of this study is to investigate the validity of current online creativity assessment tools by measuring the creativity of students in pilot schools in the USA and Ireland.

Creativity potential norm percentiles for the Irish population across the levels of education

This project sets out to identify the level of creativity potential across the levels of education in Ireland and to carry out a comparative analysis to international norms.

Creative teachers for creative learners

Teaching is the process of enabling learning, engaging imagination, interests, and nurturing creativity. This study investigates practices and beliefs in the context of creative problem solving.


We work closely with industry and consultancy partners as well as undergraduate groups to develop and refine current best practice.

The link between Design research and Design practice is critical to the improvement of design education. Design education is in a constant state of evolution with new and innovative methodologies, strategies and practices being developed regularly by the Design Factors faculty researchers.


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Design Practice & Education

We are actively engaged in research for design education, continuing professional development and design practice.

Design for Health

Our user-centered work in health and wellness focuses on humanising technology that benefits both patients and clinicians.

Design for Sustainability & Society

Our research projects take a design led approach to framing and tackling societal, environmental and consumption issues.

Human Factors in industry

Our research on work related musculoskeletal disorders examines occupational health and industrial ergonomics.