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E Waste Mountain

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E Waste Mountain
Damian Coughlan


Cycles: Co-designing the future of menstrual health & wellbeing

Through the lens of Cycles (personal monthly, life, and material cycles), our research forges new directions in participatory co-design and radical collaboration for menstrual health and wellbeing.

ShareRepair- Digital Support Infrastructure for Citizenes in the Repair Economy

ShareRepair aims to decrease WEEE from consumer products by scaling up citizen repair initiatives through the design and development of innovative open-source digital tools.


The DRS (Design Research Society) Conference is one of the leading international conferences on Design Research. UL is collaborating with our partners in LSAD to host the 2018 conference in Limerick.

Circular Design - Learning for Innovative Design for Sustainbility

Circular Design focuses on learning for innovative projects to enhance the creation and consumption of sustainable products and services, aligned with European Circular Economy policies.


iBUS Horizon 2020 Project - an integrated business model for customer driven custom product supply chain.

DESIS Ireland

DESIS Ireland is a design lab for sustainability and social innovation

Open Practices

Design for Policy research explores how the Irish government can create better outcomes in terms of sustainable behaviour and practices.

Repurposing E-waste as a driver for Resource Efficiency

E-waste is one of the world's fastest growing waste streams and contains valuable precious and critical materials. Repurposing facilitates material recovery and creates a second life for products.


We feel passionately that design offers innovative approaches to solving real world issues and we have some of the lead researchers in this field.


Design Practice & Education

We are actively engaged in research for design education, continuing professional development and design practice.

Design for Health

Our user-centered work in health and wellness focuses on humanising technology that benefits both patients and clinicians.

Design for Sustainability & Society

Our research projects take a design led approach to framing and tackling societal, environmental and consumption issues.

Human Factors in industry

Our research on work related musculoskeletal disorders examines occupational health and industrial ergonomics.