This will be achieved through a knowledge co-creation process and the development of training materials in order to teach and train students, faculty and enterprise staff of the design sector in Innovative Design for Sustainability (IDfS) strategies. Plans include the creation of an international programme to place engineering, design and architecture students in companies and FabLabs.

Irish Partners

Our Irish Partners on the Circular Design Project include:

OneOff -  a Dublin based creative, design driven company, concerned with the design and production of high quality furniture and lighting. Our products embody our core ideas. We try to create pieces that are efficient in their use of material, and that are sustainable from a design perspective. We have vast experience in taking products from the concept stage through to final production.

IDI - The Institute of Designers in Ireland is the largest and oldest association of design professionals and longest established creative forum in Ireland. The IDI is committed to advancing the value and impact of design - inspiring, supporting and learning from one another along the way.

Circular Design Internship @UL

The interns for the first Circular Design Internship Programme, which is conducted as a part of Learning for Innovative Design for Sustainability Erasmus+ research project, started on September 1st, 2017 with 11 interns. On the first day, the research project was introduced by the UL team Dr. Muireann McMahon, Dr. Yekta Bakırlıoğlu and Manon Rio.

During the first day, a context mapping exercise was conducted in which the interns identified their skills and capabilities in order to understand their team members’ capabilities. Consequently, the groups of interns made pitches on which project brief they want to work on. The groups of interns and their clients are as below:

  • Theme 1: Retrofit - Consider the cycle of bespoke office furniture. Client: One Off, Dublin. "Designing bespoke office furniture with a take-back system and reusable products/parts/materials".  Interns: Marie Salova, UL, Laura O'Connor, UL, Kristina Ivanova, UPC, Wijnand Lusthof, NHL.
  • Theme 2: Material Innovations - New materials, new applications. Client: Mamukko, Kinsale. "Exploring the potentials of a reclaimed material – used fishing nets – and developing innovative solutions on reusing it along with leathercraft." Interns: Lisa Murphy, UL, Ainur Ulan, UPC, Anton Idema, NHL, Joachim Negeumbor, LiU.
  • Theme 3: Preventing / Reusing Food Waste. Client: Southern Region Waste Management Office (SRWMO), Limerick. "Reimagine the food waste management in/around Limerick City, and develop solutions for prevention and reuse of food waste." Interns: Evan O'Reilly, UL, Berber Visser, NHL, Diana Saleh, LiU.


Design Practice & Education

We are actively engaged in research for design education, continuing professional development and design practice.

Design for Health

Our user-centered work in health and wellness focuses on humanising technology that benefits both patients and clinicians.

Design for Sustainability & Society

Our research projects take a design led approach to framing and tackling societal, environmental and consumption issues.

Human Factors in industry

Our research on work related musculoskeletal disorders examines occupational health and industrial ergonomics.