The Gray Legacy Project

The Gray Legacy Project is an inclusionary project, as part of the Irish Design 2015 [ID15], that aims to promote industrial/product design as a career option for both men and women and to address the existing gender imbalance within the industry. At its core lies the philosophy that good design is gender neutral. Unfortunately, female product/industrial designers are underrepresented in both the professional and student realm, comprising just 20% of the workforce (Rockwood 2009) with similar proportions in education. The disciplines of Architecture and Graphic Design appear to be, anecdotally, closing the gender gap but Product Design unfortunately is not faring as well (Walker 2010). In order to address issues we must first understand the potential barriers that may restrict access to the field, the conditions that might limit progression and the impact this has on the design process and the products that result. 

Through a series of interventions designers will meet, showcase and discuss their work, and mentor young professionals and student designers. It is anticipated that this will increase visibility and understanding of industrial design and open the discipline to a broader range of individuals.



Project Coordinator
Adam de Eyto Portrait
Dermot McInerney

Design Practice & Education

We are actively engaged in research for design education, continuing professional development and design practice.

Design for Health

Our user-centered work in health and wellness focuses on humanising technology that benefits both patients and clinicians.

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Our research projects take a design led approach to framing and tackling societal, environmental and consumption issues.

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Our research on work related musculoskeletal disorders examines occupational health and industrial ergonomics.