Dr. Adam de Eyto's Projects

ITERATIONS design research and practice review

ITERATIONS provides a platform for the dissemination of Irish Design Research and Practice in Ireland and internationally.

Product Design &Technology

PDT is the largest Product Design undergraduate program in the country. It provides the foundation for much of the research originating from the Design Factors group

The Gray Legacy Project

The Gray Legacy Projects aims to help shape a future where barriers to access into Product/ Industrial Design are dismantled and gender takes a secondary role to merit, ability and creativity.

3D Print @UL

3DPrint @UL

DESIS Ireland

DESIS Ireland is a design lab for sustainability and social innovation


Soft modular biomimetic exoskeleton to assist people with mobility impairments


This research aims to describe how visual communciation can be actively involved in developing a more sustainable mode of consumerism, rather than actively encourage an unsustainable mode.

Real World Studio

6 week sponsored industry collaborations – with the aim of exploring and making sense of multiple diverse and challenging 'real world' design briefs.

Circular Design - Learning for Innovative Design for Sustainbility

The ‘Circular Design: Learning for Innovative project will enhance the creation and consumption of sustainable products and services, aligned with European Circular Economy policies


The DRS (Design Research Society) Conference is one of the leading international conferences on Design Research. UL is collaborating with our partners in LSAD to host the 2018 conference in Limerick.

Open Practices

Design for Policy research exploring how the Irish government can create better outcomes in terms of sustainable behaviour and practices.


A simple, wearable technology to measure tongue pressure during swallowing enabling patients with dysphagia to carry out therapies and track their progress.


Ostoform is medical device that aims to manage peristomal skin complications for people with ileostomies.

Hydros Personal Flotation Device

Hydros is a three piece personal flotation system that mitigates the effects of Cold Water Shock, Hypothermia, and Secondary Drowning.